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    We are a restaurant that is happy to offer the traditional flavors of Mexico. Visit us to be pampered by the talent of our chefs, who bring to your table exotic and delicious flavors of authentic Mexican food, including the famous ribs and asada that is a worldwide success.

 We have an extensive menu of typical and modern dishes of Mexican origin, including meat, poultry, fish and seafood, as well as vegetarian dishes so that no one is left with the craving.

We are located in down town Woodburn, Oregon, and in Hubbard, Oregon. We will be very happy to receive you in a pleasant and fresh environment. Visit us soon! You will be delighted.

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                                                                   "FLAVOR AND TRADITION                                         IN EVERY DISH"

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We have such an extensive menu that it is separated into six different sections so that you can easily navigate through it and find what you are looking fo.

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Chicken Cobb Salad

Exquisite traditional and modern dishes based on chicken, such as cream chicken, wings, chicken fajitas, salad, flautas and much more. 

Chicken is a very useful product in Mexican gastronomy, its versatility makes this meat one of the most used in all kinds of typical dishes of our country, from everyday dishes of our country, from everyday dishes to most premium 

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Parrillada de Mariscos

Mexico is surrounded by oceans, and they offer us the richness of its waters, which we have been able to take advantage of to expand the wealth of our gastronomy.

Coastal food, rich in fish and seafood, seasoned with the flavors of the island, to create a cuisine that is unique in the world. Taste the great variety we have for you and discover the authentic flavor of the sea and Mexico. We will welcome you with pleasure to pamper your palate. 



Parrillada de Carnes

The most famous Mexican specialties around the world are those derived from red meat; We bring them for you, come and enjoy them in a pleasant atmosphere.

Enjoy the traditional carnitas, asada, barbacoa, menudo and endless options for meat lovers. Here we have the authentic Mexican Flavors, so you don't have to go any further. 



Enchiladas Suizas

Vegetarian tacos, burritos and enchiladas so no one is left hungry or craving. 

Vegetarian food with the style of Mexican gastronomy, designed to satisfy that craving without breaking you purposes. Enjoy our delicious veggie tacos and burritos, or the traditional red, green and  suizas Enchiladas, without meat, The same taste as the originals!



Durante todo el día

Nuestro(a/os/as) Tamales es(son) un clásico con un toque moderno. La sencillez nos caracteriza. Usamos ingredientes frescos y diferentes opciones como guarnición. ¿Ya se te antojó?

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Please contact us if you have service related ,comments or questions

430 N 1st St, Woodburn, OR 97071, USA

(503) 981-3000

¡Gracias por tu mensaje!

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  • MON:    CLOSED

  • TUE :    CLOSED

  • WED:   10:00AM  TO 8:00PM

  • THU:    10:00AM TO 8:00PM

  • FRI:      10:00AM TO 9:00PM

  • SAT:     10:00AM  TO 9:00PM

  • SUN:   10:00AM  TO 8:00PM

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